Saturday, November 18, 2006

Google's Anti-Phish ROCKS!

After reading all of the whiners and complainers going on and on about how anti-phish in browsers was going to give people a false sense of security I decided to put it to the test today when a phishing email landed in my Inbox.

Within minutes of the arrival of the phishing email, I enabled the Google anti-phish in FireFox 2.0 and went to the site linked in the email:
The very minute the screen loaded Google popped up an alert:

Here's the page without the Google alert covering it:

I'll try the anti-phish a few more times as the opportunity arises, but this first test was impressive. As soon as I get around to installing IE 7 then I'll test their anti-phish as well.

Way to go Google!

You get a nice well deserved pat on the back for this one!


IncrediBILL said...

Just checked again 2 days later and the phishing site is still live, Google is still warning about it.

This is awesome, kudos to Google again.

Stuart said...

Is it actually a Google alert? I thought it was built into Firefox, whenever you click the "Get me outta here" tab it takes you back to a firefox branded version of Google Search.....

IncrediBILL said...

Best I can tell it's a FireFox alert based on Google data.

I'm still stoked.