Sunday, November 26, 2006

Anti-Phish Shootout: Firefox 2 vs. MSIE 7

Another phishing email arrived today so I tried it in both Firefox 2 and MSIE 7 as fast as I could get the link pasted into the browsers.

The resulting screenshots below and the score is:


Maybe Microsoft should hire some of the Firefox developers so they can show them how to do anti-phish properly.


Anonymous said...

I find your reference to "Firefox 2" curious in light of the following observations (confirmed as of less than ten minutes ago):

* My copy of Firefox identifies itself, via Help->About, as;
* Help->Check for updates explicitly claims that there is not, right now, a more recent version available.

cdman83 said...

Did you know that the phish-list of FF is created by google? So the title should say Google vs MS :)

IncrediBILL said...

Anonymous, try going to:

You'll learn all about Firefox 2

The only thing you confirmed is your old version isn't telling you Firefox 2 exits.

Anonymous said...

What's the use of auto-update notification functionality when it doesn't bloody work? :P

Ian said...

There was some recent research that showed that Firefox 2 was better than IE7 at anti-phishing while still protecting your privacy more.

IE7 phishing filter you have to send the URL you are looking at to Microsoft for it to be even vaguely effective.

Firefox has the RIGHT default of not doing this, and still manages to best IE7 which does do this.

Furthermore, Firefox lets you use any third party phishing URL verifier (Google is only one listed but others can be added), so you are not tied into any one provider. Enabling the Google one made it about another 3% more efficient.