Monday, November 20, 2006

Abotcalypse Now

My goodness, I must be making those people that run bad bots afraid because the number of blog and comment posts decrying how I'm about to destroy the web are cropping up almost daily since my presentation at PubCon.

Assuming that the people making these posts are the same people causing the problems that drive me to the "extremes of mouth-frothing, profanity, and severe bot-blocking" you might think that they would take note that they are responsible for the bad behavior that might stop the next Google from being born.

Unfortunately I'm the "arrogant twit" as I'm so self-obsessed with my mission from hell that I'm oblivious to how my technology will wreck the net.


You people running scrapers need to take stock of the damage you'll ultimately cause and stop trying to pass the blame my way.

I'm just a supplier of weapons in the war on bad bots so surrender now and save the web.

Nah, that would be too easy as they don't think they do anything wrong.

In summary, not being someone that wants to disappoint the author of that amusing post, I laughed so hard reading it because it was just too fucking funny, there's your profanity.



Anonymous said...

Fuck them Bill.

As if they care about the web. Scrapers are in it for $$$ only. They aren't kindly, altruistic charities that we content producers should bend over forwards to help out.

Just let us know when your tool is available.

tmaster said...

Well they might as well learn now that when you base your business on theft of content it wont last long.

The web is for users not bots. We do not build our sites to feed bots.