Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vulnerable Tikis Ruthlessly Spammed and Google Indexed

The other day I posted about how VT.EDU's tiki was overflowing with spam so today I went thru my spam filter log to just see how many attempted spams there were last week using tiki redirect pages.

Here's a short list of the most recent attempted spams linking to tikis that hit my server:
What's distressing is that Google and the other SE's really love these spammed pages too, just gobble them up, and it's probably unwittingly passing PR from all these spammed tiki sites on such terms as viagra, cialis, levitra and a whole lot more.

So Google gives spammers a 2-for-1 special by giving them SEO value for their spamming activities, it's just a crying shame, it really is.

What's pathetic is this problem could be stopped on both sides of the coin. The tiki/wiki software developers could get off their lazy asses and implement some tools to allow webmasters to stop this rampant spamming of their software, it's easily doable. Additionally, the search engines like Google can easily identify and stop indexing spammed web pages to eliminate the value they give to the spammer.

Remember, I'm reporting about ATTEMPTED spams, all those links and a shitload more were automatically dumped, it's not rocket science, it's barely programming above a rudimentary level to identify and filter that shit out.

Why does this continue when the solutions are so simple for all involved?

Amazing that it's allowed to continue, simply amazing.


John Andrews said...

Think about the world view, Bill. The billions are trying to enter, and what will we do? Build borders, that's what we always do. And then fences and Berlin Walls and such. Keep 'em out, the greedy bastards. Right?

It's only the beginning, Bill. How does a good American rank in a good American search engine these days? We need to wall them off; Block the spam. It's basic economics, Bill. There is simply no other way.

IncrediBILL said...


Forget the greed factor, this is just littering up the internet. Imagine how happy you would be if every that walked past your house would throw a newspaper on your lawn. In about a week you wouldn't be able to see out the front door for all the junk.

It's just JUNK and we can figure out where to get pills to pump up the pecker, if we really need them, without all the spam.