Tuesday, October 03, 2006

phpBB Membership Spamming for Authority

We first reported about phpBB spamming the other day when we stumbled upon this "DISY registration spamming script" and since then have had a little time to examine what spammers are doing with phpBB trying to gain authority.

Let's just check a few of these spammers in Google:

Hell, just try any of the domains listed in my Technorati Loves Spam post and search for the domain name and phpBB and see what shows up.

Just amazing what these assholes do with this shit cluttering up the net with spam.


John Andrews said...

Well, Bill, you've found a way to give Esrun some of that link love that DaveN requested. I didn't know you were one of those boys, given you're public stance against spammers LOL.

It looks like DISY is gone, although the rest are still available.

Anyway it seems Mr. Esrun writes some effective cease and desist emails when people call him a spammer, so you may want to be more careful (or call your lawyer, perhaps?)


IncrediBILL said...


The difference is I didn't call him a spammer, I referenced a script on his page which claims he "specialise in blackhat SEO scripts from webspammers to generate incoming links to scrapers"

I'm not the one claiming my scripts are "A very easy to use multi guestbook spammer."

I make no claims that he didn't make himself that the scripts were for spammers.

I checked my facts and made screen shots.