Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Request from India

Just when I thought it was going to be a boring day I got a link-exchange spam from one of those wonderful Indian SEO's that wouldn't know how to promote a website to save his own life.

I'm actually shocked this email didn't include the usual threat that "you have 24 hours to confirm a reciprocal link before we remove yours from our site".

Boy, doesn't this shit look familiar:

Dear Webmaster
Greetings from India

Happened to visit your Webpages : [FILL IN BLANK OF SPAM RECIPIENT HERE] & liked it very much.
Would like to request you to have a look on our site :: [FILL IN BLANK OF SITE BEING SPAMMED HERE]

Hope you'll like this site. We are trying our best to spam the shit out of everyone in the name of India, You can help us by just adding our link on your wonderful website. And these exchanging link with good quality websites is beneficial for both the site to get a good ranking in search engines & that will help both of us in driving Traffic.

So We request you to add our link at your Website

Here is the Link Information of our Sites ::

Link Text : We Spamma U Ass
Desc. : That's Right, This is Spam, its no more a dream!!

Just do let us know if this acceptable for you.
Hope to have quick & positive response.
Thanks in Advance

Best Regards
Sendjay Sumspam

BTW, if you're the Indian fuckhead sending this shit, FUCK NO I WON'T LINK TO YOUR SITE you goddamn moron.

Just a lovely way to start the day.

Say it with spam.

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