Monday, September 25, 2006

MySpace: A Click Fraud Social Network?

Maybe it's just Web 2.0, or Web Welfare 2.0, but it appears that stealing from advertisers is now something that is accepted in social networks. Let's look at what we find on sites like MySpace and others which are a good place to build up a nice list of friends to click your ads, especially the Google ads, because we all know that friends click friends ads, especially if you want your friends banned from AdSense.

Even on YouTube where people can't put up their own ads they beg people to come to their website and click the ads to support them putting up more videos!

The most shocking is Blogger, which is owned by Google, the creator of AdWords and AdSense, which hosts sites that encourage people to "Click the Ads" to defraud the very advertisers they rely on for their massive income.

How difficult would it be to have a single employee out of the entire Googleplex devoted just to keeping click fraud off their own property?

You know the answer, I know the answer, yet a simple search reveals that it's not being done, or not done adequately at any rate or there would be no sites returning results from Blogger on this topic if they were on top of the problem.

The technology for these sites to deploy an automated process to locate pages within their sites that contain calls to "click the ads" or "click Google ads" or any combination and eliminate this fraud on a daily basis is so trivial and rudimentary that beginning programmers could do it.

Bottom line is there's absolutely no excuse for this type of call for advertiser click fraud to be allowed unchecked on these sites, not in MySpace, YouTube, Blogger, Google, Yahoo, MSN or anywhere else and why Click Fraud 2.0 continues to perpetuate on the web when it's so easy to thwart frankly boggles the mind.


gregbo said...

I guess it would be too un-chaotic for Google to assign someone to police its own sites. I mean, we wouldn't want to deprive someone of the glory of declaring to Sergey, Larry, or Eric that they lost several million dollars in fraudulent clicks, now would we?

nuevojefe said...

Nice finds. Keep ruining someones day at the plex with posts like this and maybe it'll light the necessary fire to at least clean up the ones that are embarassingly obvious.