Monday, September 25, 2006

Flickr Member Requests Click Frauding Advertisers for the Children

Well, I've seen all sorts of excuses to advocate click fraud but the plea on Flickr to commit a crime for the children is a new one and more despicable than any I've seen before. Think about the precedent that this sets in impressionable young minds that it's "OK TO STEAL FOR A CAUSE" when crime is never OK. Sadly, all of the good this person has possibly done for these children was wiped away with one call to arms to defraud people for a cause.

If you want to save the children, set up a Paypal account and teach the children than they can be helped by the generosity of others, not by others commiting FRAUD!

Here's the screen shot from Flicker:

And the site it lands on in Blogger:

Come on buddy, just ask for donations and keep it legal as we all love the children but this is over the top.

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olliver said...

how dare you criticise good-doers? :-)
Don't you know that they're above the rules because of their special mission?

Seriously, good-doers typically justify their actions with appeals to emotions in absense of any sensible arguments why the "good cause" (tm) is to make their abusive behaviour go away. I strongly suspect the incentive is to gain attention for the sole purpose of self glorification.