Friday, June 23, 2006

Be trendy and ameliorate your blog!

Not to be bragging, but my vocabulary is pretty extensive, but I had to take pause today at a link request email from someone trying to "ameliorate our google positioning".

OK, in context it was obvious what the word meant but I'm scratching my head going "who the fuck uses that word?" as I read a lot and can't remember actually seeing that word in print.

For those of you that still haven't figured it out, ameliorate means improve, so perhaps the author of this email was trying to ameliorate my vocabulary, or just use it to catch my attention.

Heck, if it was just an attention grabbing ploy it sure as hell worked.

This could be a great word to start using in marketing:

Ameliorate, the new and improved word for improve!

I can see it now:

"NEW ULTRA TIDE! It's ameliorated!"

People seeing that on a box of Tide in the store would buy the fuck out of it just because it sounds like a technical chemical type word and they won't admit they dont know what the word means. They will just have to have it because god knows, if you wash your clothes with anything else it wouldn't be ameliorated now would it?

What a concept, let's start an ameliorated trend today!


GaryK said...

I ameliorated my computer today.

Anonymous said...

Well in my opinion, they didn't quite use the word 'ameliorate' in an appropriate context. I'm not trying to split hairs, but the word ameliorate is a little more nuanced than the definition floating around in a lot of the lesser dictionaries. Yes, it means to improve, but it generally presupposes an adverse situation or condition to begin with. So it's useful in its nuance and specificity, rather than being just a synonym of 'improve'. And that's really the important part. So I guess the guy who sent you that might be trying to improve his vocab, but if I were a comp & rhet prof, I'd ding him for misuse of the word. Just my 2 cents. Good to see your post in the adsense forum again.