Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dragonfly Crawler

No clue what this thing is and nobody seems to have any real information about it, but it's been seen visiting from 5 different IP addresses. "dragonfly(ebingbong@playstarmusic.com)" "dragonfly(ebingbong@playstarmusic.com)" "dragonfly(ebingbong@playstarmusic.com)" "dragonfly(ebingbong@playstarmusic.com)" "dragonfly(ebingbong@playstarmusic.com)"
Claims to be associated with www.playstarmusic.com ( and the IP address is so close it's possible.

If anyone has any additional information it would be helpful.


Anonymous said...

I was lookink for information about this stupid crawler. It causes lots of error on my sites, because it does not resolve relative addresses !
The programmer behind it must be still sucking his Pablum! ;-))

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. This one just attempted scraping 18 (bogus) pages in less than 30 seconds from 2 of the posted IPs:

and it pulled the same stunt with different crap requests yesterday.

range = banned, says I...

Anonymous said...

Just had a request from this one: ... "GET / HTTP/1.1" 403 1971 "-" "dragonfly(ebingbong#playstarmusic.com)" "-"

Did not ask for robots.txt.