Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blue Frog Legs and Spam for Dinner

Normally I don't comment on the news and such but Blue Security shutting down their anti-spam Blue Frog operation is stunning. Obviously the spammers were feeling the pressure and it was working or they wouldn't have attacked, the plan was working. Then in this shocking turn of events the anti-spamming Generals leading the attack not only retreated, they resigned from the effort!

So what if the spammers brought down a few servers and services here and there?

Isn't that the whole idea to get those spamming bastards out in the open so people can track them and block their asses once and for all, put them out of business?

When you start a war you certainly don't pack up and go home the minute you get a bloody nose so I suspect that there's a lot more to this story as people just don't fold so easily from a purely technological war. With all the money at stake in spamming, I'm suspecting the threats got a bit more personal which resulted in the sudden shut down, but that's purely speculating on my part.

If this escalated into seriously dangerous territory, where it seemed to be heading, the big service providers, government and everyone else would've gotten involved and put a permanent stop to those responsible.

Unfortunately you Blue Pussies gave up before we ever got a chance for it to get really interesting.

Maybe someone with balls will step up and continue where you left off.


Anonymous said...

Did a spammer get to them and offer the right amount of money for their e-mail list???

Dan said...

With eastern European organized crime elements getting into the zombie bot-net/spam business, I wouldn't be surprised to here Blue had some credible threats against employees, officers, etc.

Anonymous said...

Well that sucks ass!

I was fixing to sign up with the service very soon after learning about them on this blog.

Thanks for the heads up, Bill.

I was so looking forward to taking part in an effort that seemed to actually be hurting those spam-spewing bastards.