Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spy vs. Blog Cache

OK, this is getting ridiculous, spy on someone that's stupid and falls for your tricks.

I reported on blog spying the other day and the direct spying stopped showing up in my activity log but now I'm seeing information spies watching my site via Google cache.

Let me be the first to tell you sneaky snoopers that you've met your match this time, the gloves are off so keep fucking with me so I can add every trick in your book to my bot blocker product. Just keep showing off trying to spy on me as every time you play a new trump card you can never use that trump card against me, or anyone that will install my bot blocker in the future.

Talk about playing with fire, sheesh.

Did you think that you could stop hitting my blog and hit my cache and not be noticed?

Look at this listing from Google cache that was scrubbed of identifiable data to mask these people: %22[THE IP OF THEIR WEB SITE]%22

Very clever, scanning Google for the domain name of my blog, and narrowing the search for LINKS to your site from my blog, by your IP address instead of your domain name hoping it would go unnoticed.

Maybe other people are stupid and fall for this shit but I noticed that IP address, did an NSLOOKUP, and VOILA!, it was the same block of IPs and spybot company name that I've blocked on my main website and discussed in this blog before and now this continuing surveillance is bordering on, bordering hell, it's harassment.

Just go away, we're done already.

UPDATE: After lunch I set the blog to NOARCHIVE so as soon as Google and all the rest update and kill the cache we'll see what they try next.

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