Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Beware Blog Spies

This isn't the first time I've noticed this but it's definitely the quickest that my blog has attracted spying operations that monitor information about specific topics.

The first time it was overtly obvious what was happening when I posted about corporate crawlers that spy on websites and the very next day my blog was under daily surveillance from these corporate clowns.

The second most obvious time started yesterday when I posted the blurb "Dubious from Dubai" which immediately started getting hits from what appeared to be automated tools performing automated queries for Dubai on search.blogger.com and one of them was from which according to whois is Dubai: "P.O. Box 1150, Dubai, UAE". The other hits were from several places in New York which make me wonder who's camping on any information about these Arab countries and for what purpose?

I'm not a cloak and dagger kind of guy but sometimes you just see things that raise your eyebrows.


Splogspot Sucks said...

You have to be right on this one. It's such an obvious thing for companies etc to do.

Food for thought there.

Viator said...

I don´t understand what you mean with blog spy. How can you spy on a blog, isn´t that like spying on a book?
What about google alert, they monitor the web for anyting published about particular subjects?
I´m not trying to be clever I just don´t understand this one, why do you object to your blog being monitored, dosn´t it mean someone finds it interesting?

IncrediBILL said...

OK, in this case we're discussing a company that does intelligence research on the 'net. They scan everyone's sites looking for things for their clients, no value to you whatsoever, but they keep an eye on what you're doing.

They had no purpose on my blog until I mentioned that I detected them scanning my main website and blocked them. When I wrote about this corporate crawler masking as a human suddenly PING PING PING they started hitting the blog like clockwork.

Seriously, ever hear of an RSS feed?

So their bot was hitting me just to see what else I was going to say about them so I yanked the reference to make them go away, it was just annoying.

That's when they started scanning my Google cache, possibly thinking I was masking the data when they came to my site, no clue what they were really doing, but they were looking at the cached copy of the site for several days like clockwork.

That's what I call a spy, someone that won't take NO for an answer and tries to keep an eye on what you're doing by multiple means.

If I wanted their attention again I'd post their URL and you would see what they do but I'm not interested in them coming back.

Anonymous said...

Come on Bill,

Couldn't you just reflect them to some pOrn site and see what they make of that turn of events.

baraqyal said...

Hey, there's got to be a way to capitalize on their spying.

Get creative. If they want to pull info from your blog, give them something spicy to chew on.