Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cloaking Scrapers Busted

Yesterday was a sad day for one Russian scraper that just had a large number of websites busted for cloaking in Google and they were just reported to Yahoo today as well.

How they were busted is simple, they scraped my site!

Since my scraper stopper was deployed it's been giving all the scrapers a very unique message which they were happily scraping and including with their additional scraped web content. Wait a few weeks for the search engines to continue to crawl and update and VOILA! this message starts to appear on web sites. Clicking on the website in question and the message didn't appear but clicking on the CACHE copy of the page in Google and there it is, cloaked in all it's glory.

Report these sites and POOF! they are gone.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel and more fun than allowed by law.

Come on you cloaking scrapers, take my pages, I dare you...


Jon said...

You are my hero! Are you making your anti-scraping code available? I'm very interested in using it on some of my content websites.

Aaron Pratt said...

I must have this scraper stopper, google does nothing about all my bitching and moaning, other point, nobody is going to like you because most of your friends scrape stuff.

Proof is in the lack of response from the so called "SEO community" more like "SEO spammer lamers" minus the community.

Damn right i'm pissed!

IncrediBILL said...


That's the plan, it's still just a prototype at the moment.

Until then try some of the scripts mentioned in this post.