Wednesday, May 08, 2013 upgated to PHP 5.4

Typical, you think a simple upgrade to PHP 5.4 would so smoothly on but it blew a gasket. Luckily not all my domains were running the new bleeding edge bot blocking code so only that domain took a hit, but still the things that caused it are mind numbing to say the least.

Partly, I could blame myself as I know better and should always trim my white space off data before sending it to a function like IPLong(), but then again, why the hell did they suddenly decide a trailing space should make the function bomb?

Seems to me a data conversion function should to the white space trim() function automatically and save us from having to do it every fucking time we pass data to the damn thing, saving lots of code and silly little mistakes, especially from trailing spaces which happen often when typing, cut & paste, etc. which it used to tolerate and now goes KABOOM!

Then the graph on the front page blew a gasket, got to figure that shit out next.

And a couple of other things.

Makes you wonder why I bothered upgrading to PHP 5.4 in the first place!

Oh yeah, some piece of shit software I was trying to install insisted on it.

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