Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Bother WIth Even Having Beer Taps?

Went out for dinner tonight and I got all excited when I saw the place actually had beer taps.

Then, with much dismay, I quickly realize they're the same beers on both ends of the bar, just 2 beers which were Bud and Sam Adams, ugh.  So I suffered through a Sam Adams and barely gagged the last of it down.

Sam Adams is just OK, probably better than Sierra Fucking Nevada, but neither are exactly my cup of about-to-be-recycled-as-pee.

I'm all about the IPA these days and all the finest places serve it, like Big Daddy, Double Daddy, Racers, etc. OMFG! I love Double Daddy, it's double the hops and malt of Big Daddy and will knock you right out of your fucking socks with it's hoppy IPA goodness. Try Big Daddy, you'll be very hoppy if you do. :)

Anyway, I'm bummed, dinner was fine but the beer was a bust so I stopped at one.

Yeah, yeah, I know they had all sorts of good shit in bottles and cans but I can do bottles and cans at home. I don't go out to get the same pedestrian experience sold at the local grocery store when I go out for dinner, I go out for something better that I can't get at home and FUCKING BUD AND SAM ADAMS ON TAP AIN'T IT!


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seoskunk said...

I went out the other night and ordered a Guinness because they had a tap. The guy came back and explained it was in a can imported from ireland and then they nuked it to make it frothy. I was expecting draught Guinness. But I thought I'll give it a go......and it was awesome. Just like the Guinness in Dublin.

So there you go... just need one of those for IPA and you'll be happy.