Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CrawlWall LIVES! Signup Now!

Some of you probably never thought you would see it happen, but CrawlWall LIVES!

Even though I've been sick as a dog for months, I started plugging away at the damn thing and doing some unit testing of various components on IncrediBILL.net, and now it's close to going into alpha testing.

Go signup if you want to be a CrawlWall alpha tester, I think you'll like it.

BTW, approved alpha testers, and it will be a small group, get a free copy of the final shipping version of CrawlWall so signup quick!


SEFL said...

I am SO tempted to click that link that says I'll be screwed if I do it, just to see what angry grizzly bear punishment awaits me.

D Alan Redd said...

heh .. gotta love that ip script at the top of your .net site :)

I agree completely .. sometimes you just gotta call it for what it is.

Always a pleasure :)

Have a great new year man