Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Suspected Copyright Offenses

Something amusing hit my site from from .t-dialin.net which appears to be .t-online.de or the German version of T-Mobile.

I see the following IP and user agent: "Verdacht Vergehen nach UrhG"
Which Google translates into:
Suspected offenses under the Copyright Act
Well isn't that just the cutest little user agent to get caught in a bot blocker?

Now I've had my chuckle for the evening, back to work...


Johann said...

Saw this one months ago and LMAO. Some people are truly desperate :-)

Berni said...

t-dialin is (one of) the dynamic IP range belonging to Deutsche Telekom AG, the ex federal post and phone company. Seems somebody tries to frighten people with this little UA (UrhG = DCMA).