Thursday, April 17, 2008

Favcollector Bandwidth Waster

Here's another product of Canada doing the stupidest shit ever seen, collecting favicons.

It came and grabbed my icon, then hit the home page which the bot blocker promptly stopped, so who the knows what else it would've done beyond that. [] "Favcollector/2.0 ("
From their FAQ:
Favcollector is a spider that searches the internet for favicons. It downloads and stores these favicons for each site it visits. It will go back once a month to see if the favicon has changed and will download the new icon if it is has, effictivly creating an archive of all favicons on the internet.

Spider my ass...

Spiders ask for robots.txt files, read them, and go away.

Not this piece of shit as it just comes and it takes what it wants without regard to the webmasters wishes.

Not only that, a bunch of trademarked icons are now on their site without permission which will most likely make some crazed trademark enforcers start jumping up and down once they find that site.

BTW, run a damn spell checker on your site as the word is effectively, not "effictivly" unless that's the Canadian spelling.

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edelwater said...

I just wanted to let you know that this domain expired and i picked it up. I want to host my wordpress plugin (GPL) on it whenever i find the time. So i have no relationship with the previous owners.