Thursday, December 06, 2007

LiteFinder REALLY Go Fuck Yourself Now

In my opinion this whole LiteFinder Network Crawler is completely bogus.

Yesterday I commented on their crawler, which now just appears to be a ruse to lure people to their web site which is nothing but a big front for affiliate links.

Go to the LiteFinder home page and take a look at the main topics: Adult: Penis Enlargement, Online Gambling or the popular searches for "Phentermine" or "Breast Enlargement Pill".


This site is so spammy it would make Sanford Wallace blush.

The so-called search feature doesn't search shit, it just spits up a bunch of bullshit links.

Here's the results for a query on PLUMBING:

Browse and compare a great selection of .

Save up to 95% - diamond jewelry, engagement rings, designer watches, and much more. Live auctions starting at one dollar

Gold, and Silver Jewelry
Great selection of jewelry including Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, Body Jewelry, and Spazio watches.

Bored? Check Out the Sumo!
Viral video mayhem. Games Galore. Sucker free music. Bangin' Hotties. Animation for your fascination. Go to the Sumo, live large and never be disappointed by a weak video website again.

Etc. you get the idea...

What purpose is a crawler that doesn't feed a search engine?

You've got it, it's a lure, we've been had.

This LiteFinder Network Crawler thing just needs to be blocked, that's all there is to it.


mick said...

Yeah I noticed that yesterday when you posted Bill..

The first thing i did was check them out and lo behold all adult etc etc links on the top left..where bots crawl first..i sooner left the site in one second.

Johann said...

Also seems to be an email harvester.


TechPenguin said...

Just come across a UA called "GigaMega" which seems to be the Russian twin of this one...