Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yahoo's RSS Feed Refresh is SLOW!

One of my sites has a dynamic RSS feed and it sends a refresh ping to Yahoo every time new content is added to the feed. Sometimes the content is added slowly over the course of the day, sometimes content is added more rapidly and new items are added to the feed almost back to back.

The code managing the feed is simple in that it simply updates the RSS feed and pings all the refresh services in real time as the data becomes available.

If you add more than one item in a minute or two what does Yahoo say?

Refresh failed: Too soon
Too soon for what?

Too soon for more new content?

Too soon for your crappy refresh servers to keep pace with reality.

Why don't you just queue it up because I've already told you that the content you previously had is already OUT OF DATE but noooooooo, it's TOO SOON to refresh because we're Yahoo and we have silly rules in place to protect our fragile servers.

Well guess what?

You need a new error called: "TOO LATE!" as your version of the feed is older than everyone else's that could keep up.

As a matter of fact I thought I'd try it ONE MORE TIME as I figured in the time it took to type this blog post that Yahoo would've allowed the RSS feed update by now so I manually pinged their server and you guessed it "TOO SOON! TOO SOON! WE'RE YAHOO AND WE CAN'T KEEP UP!"



Anonymous said...

Stop disabling new comments for posts on your blog whenever you get into an argument with some anonymous user or another. It's annoying and rude, and violates the spirit of the blogosphere, which is emphatically anti-censorship. Only spam should be prevented or deleted, never legitimate comments by human beings.

IncrediBILL said...

Let's just take a quick pop quiz.

I don't care about:

a) your opinion
b) your opinion
c) your opinion
d) all of the above

I closed the thread because someone kept posting spammy links and I have no plans to continue to chase and delete spam so I just closed comments, done.

Having you get annoyed because I closed it and you couldn't reply with an endless tirade of the same old tired bullshit was just an added benefit.

Besides, this is off topic for this thread so I should've just deleted your fucking post which I'll do with other off topic posts in the future.