Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Google Dance 7 Kicked Butt

Did my annual pilgrimage to the Google Dance event last night that's associated with SES San Jose and had a pretty good time.

The Google Dance never fails to impress me as Google knows how to throw one hell of a party with enough food and drink to feed a small army (which it was, huge crowd) and some DJ's rocking the house.

Just to become a typical name dropping whore, in no particular order, I'll tell you I ran into Brett Tabke, Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts, John Andrews, Jon Glick (, Bob, Phil, Evan (Google Webspam guy, works with Matt), and a bunch of other people I can't remember off the top of my head. Earlier in the day in the SES exhibit hall had a nice chat with Brian Prince of BOTW and Lawrence Coburn of RateitAll and I spotted ShoeMoney hanging out at the WebmasterRadio booth but didn't get a chance to say "Hi!" even. Martinibuster was supposedly running around the Google Dance but we didn't spot him.

Everyone was talking about the highs and lows of the last Google update as many people got by unscathed. Some, like myself, are experiencing phenomenal traffic improvements but everyone had a story of someone they knew that took a swan dive and is now in the bottom of the Google barrel.

The hot topic of the day which was quite the buzz at the Google Dance was an SES session about paid links where some described it at a near revolt (riot) of the masses against Matt Cutt's stating the Google company line about paid links. Play the video on SER, pretty funny.

I hate to be a complainer because it was a great party but I have a couple of minor gripes that maybe Google can address next year:

  1. Put some trash cans near the food and beverage stations. We had to walk all over the place trying to find trash cans, which is no fun with a busted up toe, just so we could be good guests and not litter the place.
  2. SUPPLY SOME TOOTHPICKS! Maybe you had them, but I sure couldn't find them, and spent half the night trying to get a stuck kernel of corn out from between my teeth.
Other than those 2 nit picky things, well done again this year Google!

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Anonymous said...

one more thing to add to your improvements list: barf bags on the bus. Returning to San Jose from Mountain View with some amateurs in the back stinking up the bus was, well, unacceptable.