Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jesus Can't Help You Surf

Jesus may be his savior, but my bot blocker is mine. []
requested 1 pages as "Jesus Is My Savior"
Sorry pal, but to get access to my site you'll need something called Mozilla.



Johann said...

Haha, very creative ;-)

Fubar said...

Bwah hahahahaha

Mark said...

Bill, are you selling an anti-scraping solution?

Anonymous said...

This is inanely stupid. It's like a store refusing to allow customers to park in their parking lot unless they're driving a Ford. In this case, it's like refusing to allow one customer to park because their car sported a fairly common, religious-themed bumper sticker.

You probably just blocked a perfectly legitimate human surfer who happens to use Proxomitron to spoof various fields for wholly legitimate personal and privacy reasons.

Congratulations. Your score for tolerance (and supporting freedom of religion) has reached a new low.

IncrediBILL said...

You confuse me with someone that gives a shit.

However, to humor you, I'll run with your store metaphor as my store has a big sign on my door that says "NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE.". Having a Mozilla compliant user agent is the Internet equivalent of wearing a shirt so whoever it was got bounced out the door for being improperly attired to visit my business.

Religions are intolerant, so why should I tolerate them?

Besides, this wasn't about religion, it was about a lack of Mozilla.

Anonymous said...

The point being, he was probably using Mozilla, or maybe IE (yuck) or Safari (insane) or suchlike, along with Proxomitron or similar.

As for why tolerate religions, maybe to capture the moral high ground? :)

IncrediBILL said...

He/she/it can use whatever he/she/it wants to protect his/her/its privacy, but he/she/it won't surf that site doing it.

Back to the store metaphor, if you walked in wearing a ski mask to protect your privacy it would quickly be met with police protection, which is just what my bot blocker did for my online site.

Besides, you don't need to submit to organized religion just to seek the moral high ground. Those groups are more of a peer pressure situation and I certainly don't need peers keeping an eye on whether I've read every chapter and verse of mumbo jumbo written about an archaic superstition just to be moral.

Anonymous said...

I never said you had to join one, just tolerate them. :P As for the ski mask analogy, it's been a while since I've seen a strawman that size. It should kindle merrily once I bring out the flamethrower ...