Friday, April 06, 2007

Craigslooters Even Take Kitchen Sink.

If you missed this news item it bears repeating just because it's a cautionary tale about how some people are real lowlife scumbags.

Someone posted an ad on Craigslist for a location in Tacoma telling everyone to "Please help yourself to anything on the property." and they took it, literally took everything including the front door and the kitchen sink.

Who in the hell takes anything posted on Craigslist that seriously?

Obviously common sense flew out the window when the first person on the scene encountered a locked building and had to remedy that situation before they could start helping themselves to everything else, so I assume the door was the first to go.

Wonder what could happen if someone posted something like this for a local WalMart for the "2am giveaway, everything you can carry in 1 trip you can have!". Would people be that stupid to think WalMart was endorsing looting their own stores?

After what happened with the LA riots, anything is possible.

It's just another reason to weep for the future.

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UKSBD said...

We've just had something similar here in the UK.
Some teenager was left alone and invited everyone around on her MySpace page.
The house got trashed, and now she is blaming it on hackers writing the invite LOL
More here,