Friday, February 23, 2007

Extra! Extra! Stupid People Are Still Stupid!

You know they're stupid, I know they're stupid, so why don't THEY know they're stupid?

I was just going through my Inbox today reading more stupid emails, some are even replies to auto-responders which told them exactly what to do, yet they ask again.

My first thought was to install yet another auto-responder to automatically answer replies to the first auto-responder that would clarify the situation.

Dear Customer,

If you replied to the previous email you're stupid.

The email was written at a 3rd grade level so even a school child could follow the instructions. If you don't have any children look outside and there's probably a child , age 8 or above, playing ball in the vicinity that can help you out with your current problem.

Please read the simple instructions and just click the damn link in the previous email.

You did see that link, right?

It's not hard, click the damn link.

Customer Support
Not that I would actually send such an email, but god knows there are days I really truly want to send that.

However, they would probably just reply with another question...


Anonymous said...

nice one.


UKSBD said...

Thank you for your email Mr. Customer Support.
Unfortunately, my internet connection (AOL) didn't let me click the link you provided.
I asked my wife for help and she said i could cut and paste the link in to my address bar.
I tried to do this but got a message saying "No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found."
Please help!!!!!!

tm said...

I get this crap also. People refusing to place a order online and asking by email if they can place a order.

Others trying to place a order by phone when it clearly says online no phone orders web only.

And when you reply telling them how to place a order you get the same crap back.

Some customers are not worth replying to.