Monday, January 01, 2007

Matt Cutts Says Google Dropping AdSense Web Spammers

There's a somewhat heated thread on WebmasterWorld for the past few days about the reasons for the continued survival of Made For AdSense (MFA) sites.

As luck would have it, and perfect timing, Matt Cutts made a post on his blog that included a phrase that I simply couldn't resist commenting about:

So how do we keep the tipping point firmly in the “Google is Good” range?
So I had to call Matt on this and ask the question:
How about getting rid of the Made For AdSense (MFA) sites that are the current scourge of the web and all the search engines?
Much to my surprise, Matt responded with something quite unexpected:
IncrediBILL, that’s a good example where we have a lot of internal discussion; I don’t want that sort of behavior rewarded either. About a month and a half ago, Google decided to pursue this more aggressively, and quite a few people have already been dropped from AdSense for webspam (violations of our quality guidelines). I’m sure I’ll have a chance to talk about it more in 2007. :)
Wow, you could've knocked me over with a feather!

Now THAT's a revelation that many of us battling the AdSense scrapers have been waiting to hear as the scrapers have been winning this battle to date.

Those people using automated scripts to scrape content from one site and generate thousands of AdSense webspam pages and sites a day should start looking for a new way to make money as it appears your days in AdSense are numbered!

Keep your eye on WMW's AdSense forum for a rash of new threads about "Banned From AdSense" and they will bellyache loudly that they don't understand why their 10,000 sites with over 2 million "quality" web pages were dumped.

Here comes the next "I've Been Banned" thread in 5... 4... 3....

Kudo's to Matt for fighting the good fight at Google and we'll keep an eye on the many scraper sites posted in my blog to see if they get booted from AdSense.

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