Saturday, January 27, 2007

First Look - seeqpod-vertical-crawler

Something was crawling that claimed to be related to SEEQPOD, some music service, that appears to be trolling the web looking for music files.

Here's the crawler information:
"mozilla/5.0 (compatible; seeqpod-vertical-crawler +"
It appears to be registered as follows:
Juvenate Cux
2015 Stockton
S.F., CA 94133

Domain name: SEEQPOD.COM
Their server is located at address which is allocated to Inc. LVLT-COLOC-4-79-224-32 (NET-4-79-224-32-1) -
Not sure why they're crawling from some DSL line, but I'd block that and the co-location range just to be safe.

1 comment:

j4p4n said...

I just found the bot in my yesterday's logs and it came with a different IP ( so it seems difficult to lock it out by blocking the IP. I prefer blocking the user agent :)