Thursday, December 14, 2006

Spam Kiting?

Someone I know just wrote an article about domain kiting and how he used to get domains for 5 days for free as long as you canceled them within 5 days. This triggered a memory as I remember writing about some spammers that were trying to bombard me with links to domains that didn't even exist yet, not registered to be exact. Then the domains became active suddenly to reap the rewards ot the previous blog spamming and most of them tended to vanish within a few days.

With all of this information inside my head it collided and bubba had a thought...


Makes perfect sense too since many spammer domains get whacked in a couple of days as people complain to the web host.

So why not just use a domain for 5 days for free and cancel it?

You get rewarded for spamming for a bunch of domains you got completely for FREE and you don't get stuck holding the bag with a bunch of useless blacklisted domains most likely in a Google penalty box at that point.

Now a truly evil genius [looks in mirror] would write a script that checks to see if the domains in the attempted spams are registered and register them if they don't exist, then cancel them all 5 days later automatically. That way, the site being abused by the spam could take advantage of the spammers efforts and there is no connection between the spammer and the domain name except the existence of the spam linking to the domain.

I need to check my logs and see if the idiots that used to spam me with unregistered domains are still hard at work as I see some fun to be had!

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Anonymous said...

nice post, I like how my post on domain kiting (this is Phil, sorry too lazy to register) spurs a twist into the spam kiting area which you Bill are so keen on. It's like James Burke's connections where 1 technology affects other fields. So my addition/prediction is that someone will end up outing a shady registrar for doing this. By this I mean having an automated way to register domains, spam on them for 5 days and cancel them. Hmmm, so this is where Bill's expertise comes in, how do we find these peeps and out them?