Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Web spammers abuse GuestCity's hospitality

While researching the depth of the wiki/tiki spam abuse problem there was one particular redirect link that caught my eye to some site called GuestCity.

When you see the smoke from web spammers in a search engine there's usually a web spammed fire somewhere close so I decided to look deeper to see what GuestCity was all about and assess the damage.

There on the home page was an encouraging anti-spam symbol on the lower left of the screen!

I clicked on the anti-spam symbol and read their get tough policy on spam, cool.

If these guys are really tough on spam, shouldn't find much web spam over there, right?

Sorry, took about 2 seconds to spot sites overflowing with crap like phentermine, viagra, cialis, and on and on.

If you want to see the funniest shit ever, click on their DEMO link right off the home page that is spammed upside down and inside out with a couple of years worth of garbage.

The most priceless quote is this one from 2004:
4249. Old demo book was removed due to lot of spam messages. Welcome to new one!
2004-10-21 08:33:59, Webmaster,
I think I fell of my chair laughing hysterically about then.

Sure wouldn't take more than a few days to write some code that would stop the spammers and eradicate all the splogs over there, hope they're up for the challenge.


WillMacc said...

I think I would rename their product to "Spambook" - "Spambook for All"

Olliver said...

The question is in how far offering Guestbook services still makes any sense at all with all these legions of spambots crawling the Web. Unless you get used to monitoring your freebie resource 24/7 it's doomed to fail in regard to its usefulness (except for spammers, of course ;-))

Anonymous said...

You sir, are a jerk off.

IncrediBILL said...

Looks like we either struck a chord with a spammer or the spammed.

IncrediBILL said...

Lovely, someone spammed their DEMO and used my information.

Wasn't me, but I have a clue who it was...

Olliver said...

Sometimes it's not that clear where to draw the line between spamfriendly services (= easy to spam), spam supporters (= those who won't remove the mess) and spammers themselves.

Of course this "service" could be a spammer outfit with the sole purpose of establishing a free-for-all linkfarm, I've already seen such fake service run by some Russian SEO* expert.

* Spams ExtraOrdinaires