Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spam Free Accomplishment Zone

Just thought I'd post a follow up after my latest anti-spam measures were put into place that it's been so blissfully quiet that I haven't even bothered to rant about these idiots or much of anything else lately because I've actually been doing more productive work.

Sure, the spammers keep knocking at the doors, banging on the walls, tapping on the windows, but other than falling silently into my spam log just to keep track of what kind of trash was at the door and silently swept away, I see none of it.

The last few weeks were absolutely amazing as I forgot just how much work a person could get done when you aren't constantly trying to clean up after those fucking spammers trying to shit all over every web form they can find.

Sorry spamming assholes, your days are numbered and I'm loving every minute without you.

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