Monday, October 30, 2006

Net::Trackback Rocks D-Block

Why is it every time someone puts some code out on the net like Net::Trackback that some asshole will download it and then aim their new creation at my server?

This is where they attempted to hammer my server this morning: [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01" [] "Net::Trackback/1.01"
Of course they got nothing but error message for their troubles, but this is still.... BULLSHIT!

Can't even research the source as ARIN.NET's website won't load at this moment and CAIS.NET never responds to WHOIS inquiries and just hangs like this:
[Redirected to]
Never got a response...

Bunch of BULLSHIT, that's what this is!


Olliver said...

Bill, I hear you: Cais' Whois server has always been broken as far as I can remember. Perhaps it's even broken by design to protect premium plan spam^H^H^H^H marketeers from being harassed by complaints ;-) I'd say firewall and forget it, as Cais are obviously not interested in communication with other people, let alone complaints about their customers.

Anonymous said...

LOL calm down. At worst they have wasted a TINY bit of bandwidth.

You have serious online issues. 'The whole internet world is against me!'

Just grow up and move on! You run a site about anti-spam, if you just closed the site then there would be nothing to spam and therefore eliminate the spam and the need to write about spam... conlusion? You live a few years longer with less stress.

Fuck off :)

IncrediBILL said...

My right to run a website doesn't include the right for others to steal shit so fuck off yourself.

I've been successful in cleaning up much of the damage these assholes caused to maybe you should talk about what you know about.

Oh yeah, this conversation wouldn't be happening would it?

Well, there's a bonus.

WillMacc said...

It's coming from the crap-house "Beyond The Network America".
Jezzz.. You can always count on a few reliable toilets to pumpout garbage...

d said...

Bill I saw no email address to e you at. You came up on google read your blog and now am beggin' you to go read our latest (last 2) blog on our It is not my websites or my home computers that's being hacked (?)it's ANY computer i'm on - something is horribly wrong. Please go read that blog and call me. I'm in deep something and it makes absolutely no sense. I need help.