Friday, July 28, 2006

SCRAPER BUSTED #7 - Yahoo Loves Scraping Porn Spammers

NSFW - Unfortunately I can't bust these scrapers completely as they got snared with an earlier version of my error pages that didn't contain the IP address to tie back to the source of the scraping. It's sad really, as I'd like to complete the loop with these particularly slimy vermin but maybe I'll get the chance next time if they keep up this crap.

Anyway, they do have my content buried in their sites and it's searchable only in Yahoo as neither Google nor MSN seem to have these slimeballs indexed, at least not with my content in the pages.

The various domains and subdomains that contain my scrapings, and we're talking a whole page, not a snippet, are here:
I didn't link to the actual page where the scrapings are as some innocent webmasters have been violated severely with this mess and I'd prefer not to give any link love to these pages to make the problem worse.

These bottom feeders seem to be registered mostly out of Ecuador and are hosted on ServerBeach, Webazilla, and a few other places but appear to be using HOSTPOINTS.NET for their DNS. I'm thinking any of the places listed in the U.S. will get served with a DMCA notice and since it's a dedicated box, and not a shared server, the ISP probably has little wiggle room when it comes to compliance other than shut the server down.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with porn sites, people gotta spank it and someone provides them with the pictures to help keep their seeds out of the gene pool, it's a public service.

However, when these fucking porn spammers start scraping pages from innocent websites and then linking our pages to their festival of filth as a means to get traffic off our backs, then it's a problem, a real big fucking problem.

If the fine people at Yahoo want to drop me a line I'll be more than happy to convey the specifics privately so you can get this slime off your search.


Vinnie said...

"I'd prefer not to give any link love to these pages to make the problem worse."

Hi Bill
I don't think it would matter much anyway to Google as you have 'no-follow' turned on by default on your links.

Good blog, I enjoy stopping here occassionally to find out the latest caught 'bad-bots'

Alex said...

hi Bill,

can you please send me links of this spam with domains hosted on webazilla IPs to the email: ?

thank you,

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