Monday, July 03, 2006

First Look - MaSagool spider

Some search engine called Sagool from Japan [translated] sent a spider caledl MaSagool that came crawling from 2 IP addresses. Didn't look for robots.txt or any other damn thing so probably a good idea just to block this thing until they teach it some manners.
"MaSagool/1.0 (MaSagool;;"
"MaSagool/1.0 (MaSagool;;"


BlazinBeats said...

whats up, hey where can i learn more about this kinda stuff?

IncrediBILL said...

Over in WebmasterWorld is a good start:

Search Engine Spider Identification forum:

Or the Robots.txt forum:

SAGOOL Support Team said...

Sorry for all the trouble our spider gave you. This is SAGOOL Search Engine Support Team.

Actually our spider "MaSagool" understands robots.txt. So in case there is any problem with our spider, would you please let us know your site's URL if you don't mind. It will be very helpful and appreciated.

Thank you.

GorgeousOnLife said...

Don't mind the spider, just wish I could read more about it in English.