Friday, March 24, 2006

WebCorp Crawls Why?

Saw this entry on my blocked log a couple of days in a row now:

03/24/2006 "WebCorp/1.0"
So I looked it up and sure enough it's WebCorp
Went to their website and they have some mental mind fuck linquistic mashup running they call SEARCH and it's the slowest thing I've ever seen since I used a Commodore-64.

However, it claims to cull results from Google, Altavista, Metacrawler and AllTheWeb so why in the hell is this thing crawling attempting to crawl my website if my content isn't even being taken into consideration for their results?

Sorry, you PhDs in linquistics are just too smart for me so maybe you have some higher purpose for attempting to crawl that just escapes us bot blocking neanderthals.

Here's a phrase you cunning linquists might know - "fuck off"

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