Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bot Blocker PLUS Security Features

Been playing around with adding security features to the bot blocker as it became obvious there were additional things I could do such as punting pages with SQL injection, cross site scripting (XSS), certain overflow attempts and a whole bunch of other things when I was evaluating the page requests.

Now if I can add some anti-password hacking, anti-password sharing and anti-blog spamming then I'll have a complete set of tools to combat wide spread abuse without each website having to code it's own protection.

What a concept, stopping bandwidth abuse, content theft and some hack attempts all rolled into one!


Brian Turner said...

Sounds great - all we need you to do now is prepare it for commercial release. :)

IncrediBILL said...

Find me a good PHP/MYSQL programmer or two and it'll happen. Been asking for referrals and almost nobody knows anyone worth the powder to blow them to hell so far.