Thursday, February 09, 2006

Referer Spammer Revenge!

Today I caught some referer spammer bombarding my web server by hitting the same page over and over and over with only the referer changing.

To put it mildy, this pissed me off.

When I started looking up each domain I noticed something fascinating in that they all had the same AdSense account and were all registered at GoDaddy.

Recent topics on ThreadWatch about GoDaddy locking abusers domains provided a true inspiration today. Instead of wasting my time putting this asshole in my banned list of IPs and domains to keep him out as would be my normal routine, I reported him to both AdSense and GoDaddy abuse and will be waiting and watching to see if either of them take action.

If GoDaddy shuts his entire array of websites down this will be the best defensive action to take against referer spamming yet, I'll post the results if any when I see the domains go offline.

BTW, I also added referer spamming detection to my bot blocker today so I'll be snagging more of these idiots on a regular basis if this is a huge problem. I'm considering making the bot blocker automatically perform a whois on the domains when this is detected and send automatic abuse letters to the proper parties.

This could be fun ;)


Brett T said...

Why should a person be kicked out of AdSense or GoDaddy for visiting or refering a lot of people to your site? I'm sure that it is not the best kind of traffic that you want but I think that anyone should be able to visit any site on the internet as much as they want if the webmaster is allowing them to do so. I think you should just ban this person in your little spider trap.

IncrediBILL said...

You miss the point, they aren't sending me traffic, they're bombing my log file with refer URLs to GET traffic assuming these referers are visible to anyone and they aren't.

There is no link to my site from the so-called referer, I checked them all, nothing. This was all done with a robot spammer tool in 17 seconds.

Read up on this practice:

FYI, this nonsense only started after I added an RSS feed to my main website (which isn't a blog) as they must assume I'm posting linkbacks somewhere. It's an attention getting spam attack nothing more, no value for me and it seems to be escalating.

Anonymous said...

Nail that SOB, they are just trying to get backlinks.

Pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain, he is only there to help you.

Anonymous said...

>>This could be fun ;)<<

The new 'wild west' - hunting and trapping electronic varmints.

IncrediBILL, bot buster.

I suspect that the only person happier than you with your new vocation is your wife. Nothing worse than a grumpy man I am told.

Brian Turner said...

Of course, remember that's it's not hard to fake referrers for third-party sites.

Could be a good way for competitors to attack their competition - send fake referrers for them to Bill's site.

IncrediBILL said...


I did a little research on this idiot spammer before submitting him to abuse depts. In this case the spammer in question had already been booted from Google, all websites banned, and I found multiple postings about him doing this to other servers.

This guy was already in deep doo for his behavior so why not drive the final nails in his coffin?

Anonymous said...

Dude...get a life!

Don't you have better things to do that monitor your log files!

Who cares!

Anonymous said...

yeah seriously. How hard is it to buy the spam tool and put your competition into the tool. Or hire a SEO company and you don't know their tactics.

I second that, get a life. Try to take down all of his domains.

Bombing your log files, I get the same hits as you and it does nothing to my bandwidth and does no harm if you don't post your referrer page.

pisses me off when people try to take down others and don't even know the whole history.

IncrediBILL said...

I didn't just rat the guy out without doing some research first.

Google had already dropped his domain from their index, the idiot was talking about this type of advertising in FORUMS, and other webmasters were screaming about him doing this to their blogs and shit.

He got what was fucking coming to him

Anonymous said...

sure. Provide a link to him bragging about this type of advertisement and other complaints. you miss the point, what is happening is harmless and you don't have to take those extreme measures.

the guy is probally trying to feed his fucking family.

IncrediBILL said...

You know, even if he's trying to feed his fucking family, he can try a different method than spam. Nothing pisses me off more than spam, even fucking spam attempts.

So why would I provide the link to this asshole? That would give him just what he wanted in the first place!

If he had a topic relevant to my website I'd even give the fucker a link but hit the server so fast and furious it even trips the bot blocker that flagged his ass in the first place and he gets the big FUCK YOU.

I'm not an unreasonable guy and have helped many people that need a little traffic boost, but there are things like ASKING and not trying to shove it down my throat and your site being RELEVANT.

Certains things people do just instantly get them on my shitlist and what he did was one of them.

FWIW, I'm sure when he was reported they checked the IP address being used to on my server against the one used to access his AdSense account and they were probably the same, not my problem.

Sorry, we can just agree to disagree and if assholes like him don't want their ass reported they can stay the fuck off my server, yes it's MY FUCKING SERVER, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I search google for his domain and only found you and the spam huntress complaining of referrer spam. And funny post on her stupid blog too about it.

I was asking to provide a link for him, I was asking for you to show proof of HIM/HER bragging about referrer spam as a feasible method of advertisement. No one would brag about it, so hearing that bull shit come out of your stupid mouth proves your credibility to be ZERO.

Personally I could take your domains today and pop them in a referrer spam tool today and use proxies and you would get complaints up the azz about your domains. Did you do anything???? No, but I could malicously attack your blog if I wanted too. Anyone could.

You must have better things to do with your time to try to find referrer spam all day long. No?

IncrediBILL said...

You obviously don't know what the fuck you're talking about, read up on referrer spam asshole, and it wan't my blog that this idiot attacked as I don't make any money from the blog and could give a flying fuck.

Yes, you could spam my domains all over the place but there would have to be some sort of link back to me to give it credibility, like my IP address being the one used to spam from either my desktop or my server.

The Spam Huntress was the last place I found this asshole referenced as he was babbling about his 'marketing' efforts in other places.

Get a clue, piss off.

Anonymous said...

What I read is HE was struggling to get PR and indexed. Apparently he found something that spammed you and a DICK like you who has no fucking time on his hands except to track web logs all day is trying to destroy the guy/girl.

eat shit you ass clown

IncrediBILL said...

I don't track logs all day you fucking moron! He set of an ABUSE alert that notified me the dumb fucker was doing his dirty deed in real time.

The way you're defending him, you're probably the asshole that did it!

Go sit on your dildo and spin girlie boy.

Anonymous said...

Wise comments from a 45 year old.

There is nothing more that drives me crazy then dick fuck's like you who report people to google and try to stop them from making a living.

So what he sent you some referrer spam. So haven't others. People spam my sites every friggn day and my fucking blogs.

I don't go crying PUSSY to the google and their ips. You fucking piss ant loser

IncrediBILL said...

Who gives a shit if I'm 12, 45 or 80?

Doesn't make that asshole, which is probably you, any smarter for fucking with peoples servers. You fuck with fire and you're gonna get burned, deal with it.

Go shit and fall over in it and leave me the fuck alone.

IncrediBILL said...

Just a quick note for those reading this long stream of BS comments.

The anonymouse poster today and the original referer spammer both came from MASSACHUSSETTS.

There's a fucking shocker.

You're not fooling anyone asshole.

Go play in traffic.

Anonymous said...

Your so smart shitbrick. All my posts are from behind a proxy. Could be Mass today and Brazil tomorrow. Your so smart

Anonymous said...

The more I read through these posts it was you who started with the cussing and brought me down to your level.

Listen I was making a point and you didn't agree with it, that is all.

I have some of my high paying domains brought down by people doing something called Google bowling. It isn't hard for someone to maliciously attack domains..

I am down with this

IncrediBILL said...

Wake up this morning and decide you want a sex change you pussy?

Who cares who started the cussing!

Amazing that you tell me not to protect my server from malicious activity now you're crying about being Google Bowled.

I might've cared before the previous tirade but now it sounds like a girlie-girl whining for sympathy.

Whoever is attacking your domain is probably Toilet Bowling as I'm suspecting it's nothing but shit anyway.

Aaron Pratt said...

I live in MA and have my blogs on Godaddy, I worry about this stuff every day. Matt Cutts warns about "hosts" and you little morons can ruin it for us all. No wonder Godaddy is going nuts on the banwagon.

What's the matter, did incrediBill take away your Adsense welfare check? You too cowardly to post URL in Mr. Anonymous?

HA!!! I love it, keep up with the pressure on these lamers bill, you are doing a service for us all.

web professor said...

The real lesson from all of this is...
Don't have you registrar be GoDaddy if you are doing anything remotely spammy