Thursday, February 23, 2006

Link Me Or Else!

Here we go again with a persistent raging linkaholic badgering the shit out of me to link to his crappy little directory website so he can get a few AdSense clicks.

Hi YouBigWebStudYou,

I sent you a link request for to see
if you would be interested in exchanging links.

I realize you are probably but wanted to let you know that I will be
removing your link next Wednesday if I don't hear back from you.

You can verify your link is by going to:

with the following details
Title- Link To Me Please
Description-I'm the biggest pain in the ass link-to-my-site whining spammer you've ever seen so link to me now before I beg and plead more.

If you do add my site please use the below information and let me know
the location you added it so I don't remove the link to yours

I hope to hear from you before 2nd March 2006 but if not then I'm bound
to remove the link from my site.
Well fucking remove me already and stop sending me this shit!

Didn't the dead silence after your first spam give you a fucking clue?

If I could get my hands on you they'd have a new opening homicide scene for CSI next week so just keep it up, your luck is about to run out.

Oh yeah, it's a good thing you're in India so CAN-SPAM can't be used against you and you aren't registered with GoDaddy so they can't blackmail you to get your domain back. However, if there is a god one of those nasty little bugs in your water will give you atomic diahrea and you'll shit out a vital organ and die.

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