Saturday, December 31, 2005

War on Arrogant AdBlocking Assholes

Enough is enough already, this means WAR!

It's bad enough we have people disabling Javascript and running Norton Firewall blocking ads but now some Firefox extension lets you just right click on any ad and POOF! it's gone.

Once installed, it's a snap to filter elements at their source-address.
Just right-click: Adblock: done.
The only upside at this writing is Firefox, Norton Firewall and javascript disabling is all collectively under the 10% mark of all pages being displayed based on web log and advertisement impression comparisons on a couple of fairly popular web sites.

Why do they do this?
If you're tired of all the intrusive adverts that are increasingly taking over the Internet, Adblock is for you.
Well I got a better idea, if you're tired of the adverts that pay for the websites thus allowing people to read the content for free, then stay the fuck off those sites, maybe the entire internet or better yet, PAY the website directly to access their content!

That's right, you heard me you banner-blocking ad-stopping javascript-disabling assholes:

PAY TO PLAY or get the fuck off my bandwidth!

To counter-attack this ad blocking mentality let's try taking a page from the porn industry and create a new service like AdultCheck that would allow all the ad blockers access to all the member sites for an annual fee.

It's a perfect solution as the webmaster gets paid, the ad-blocking assholes get to see the content, and a new middleman web service gets rich off their ass.

Watch out blockers, your free ride is almost over.


baraqyal said...

How do you figure the free ride is almost over?

I don't see how webmasters are going to get around the blocking technology.

If the ads are being served by someone like google or doubleclick, the users are going to find a way to disable the ad from displaying.

IncrediBILL said...

Maybe the free ride is almost over because I'm testing some ad blocking detection technology I wrote myself.

If it proves effective, perhaps there's a new web service in my future.

Perhaps I'll just sell the prototype to someone else.

You never know.